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Hi my name is Wei and I'm a visual development and illustration artist who

have 5-year experience in film, game and illustration filed. I produce concept

art, color scripts, characters, environment and props. I started to learning art when I was 12, spent alomost all the weekends during my midddle school and high school. At the year of 2006, I went to China Academy of Art to pursude art and I graduated at 2010 with an Illustration & Comics degree. Worked at Chocolate cartoon and comics studio as an illustration artist. In the following 2 years, I made a lot illustrations and children's art for the studio and other magzines and publishing houses, as well as got my first Children's Book "Where Is My Grandpa?" pubulished.  On september 2012, I came to Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA to study Visual Development. As several-year art experience, I have wide taste in art, am good at 2-D shapes and think in 3-D, have ability to use color, lighting and cinematic composition to visually tell stories, have great understanding in anatomy and am skilled both in traditional medium and Photoshop.

Thanks! Message sent.

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